For several years now, Morocco has put in place measures to facilitate and secure real estate investment by foreigners, without the need for them to reside in Morocco. In order to take advantage of these incentives and facilitation measures, it is however advisable to be well accompanied in the acquisition process.

The acquisition involves the payment of the following three taxes/fees by the buyer. The notary is responsible for collecting the registration fees, the related fees, the land registry fees and the file fees on behalf of the State.

The value/amount of these taxes and fees are as follows:

  • Registration fees = 4% of the sale price;
  • Land registry = 1.5% of the sale price + 100 DH for the edition of the property certificate;
  • File fees (stamps, copies, etc.) = Dhs 1,000 and Dhs 1,500;

To this must be added the notary’s fees of 1% (and 10% VAT)