For several years now, Morocco has put in place measures to facilitate and secure real estate investment by foreigners, without the need for them to reside in Morocco.
In order to take advantage of these incentives and facilitation measures, it is however advisable to be well accompanied in the acquisition process.

On average, the period between contracts lasts between 2 and 3 months. It could last a minimum of 1 month and up to 2 years depending on the complexity of the file. During this time, the notary will check that the property includes a certificate of ownership and that there are no registrations (mortgages or others) concerning it. The notary will also ask the land registry for information to check that the surface area of the property and its boundaries are correct. Before signing the deed of sale, the notary will send the parties a draft of the deed for possible verification and revision.

The assistance of a sworn translator is compulsory if you are not fluent in French. The deed of sale must be signed in person by both parties before the notary. However, it is possible to be represented by a notary’s power of attorney.

After the notary has read the deed to the parties, it is signed by them and then sealed by the notary. A sworn interpreter may also be requested by one or both parties. The notary will take care of this request, which will be charged to the applicant(s). Once the deed has been signed and sealed, the notary can issue a notarial certificate stating that the parties have agreed in his office to sign a deed of sale. The certificate of ownership will be valid as soon as the registration is recorded at the land registry (usually within ten days).