In order to guide you through all the steps of buying a property abroad, we have written the manual "How to Buy". It describes the different steps of buying a property in Morocco as well as the particularities and the timeframe related to real estate in the country. Let's start with the chapter dedicated to the country and the ochre city.



In the North-West of the African continent, only 14 km from the South of Spain via the Strait of Gibraltar, the Kingdom of Morocco stands out for its political stability and the dynamism of its economic development, of which tourism is one of the main levers. The capital of tourism in Morocco, the imperial city of Marrakech is located three hours’ flight from the main European cities and capitals via its international airport, which also offers direct connections with the Middle East. Two hours by motorway from the Casablanca hub, the city is ideally connected to North and South America and even Asia. Marrakech is an ideal meeting place for culture, sport, nature, services and sun. Benefiting from a warm climate for most of the year, with more than 320 days of sunshine per year, it is an oasis of change at the gateway to Europe.


Although Arabic and Berber are the two official languages of the country, French is widely spoken in Marrakech. Even if you don’t speak French, it is very easy to make yourself understood in a city that is largely used to Anglo-Saxon and Hispanic tourism. Morocco has also invested massively in road, urban, rail, air and port infrastructures. Numerous investments with an ecological and environmental scope confirm the country’s strong commitment to being one of the driving forces in the fight against global warming and sustainable development. The government also considers real estate as a focal point in its sustainable development policy, with tax incentives that have led to a surge in demand for housing throughout the country.


To this local demand is added that of Moroccans residing abroad, who wish to acquire a property in their country, and of non-resident foreigners who are seduced by the quality of life offered by Morocco, its geographical proximity to Europe, the mildness of its climate, its medinas classified as world heritage sites and its cities abounding in architectural gems. Attractive tax measures have encouraged an influx of foreign capital, and affordable property prices compared to the European market, as well as a low cost of living, mean that the standard of living can be much higher than in the country of origin. “There are few cities in the world that enchant you with the same force and magic as Marrakech” wrote Pierre Bergé. A beautiful incentive to travel.